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From the collection: my top 5 s.h figuarts street fighter edition

Granted there only seven figures in the line (8 if you include the upcoming Blanka figure), but that’s not stopping me from picking my top five Street Fighter S.H Figuarts released so far. Besides it’s my site and ill post what I want so here we go. All the figures in this line make use of the fighting body, which provides some great articulation to pull off the crazy street fighter moves. Another thing these figures have in common is that they each have an anime style face to their design. Which is something I don’t mind as I am a anime fan.    

5. Rainbow Mika / R. Mika

The first female character on this list of toys. Rainbow Mika is one of recent pickups in this line, and has quickly earned a spot on this list. Maybe because she’s a wrestler type character and I’m a wrestling fan. Either way I enjoyed pulling of different poses with her inside the squared ring. Just like all the figures in this line, the articulation is on point including her long pigtails. She also comes with a cool landing shock wave effect.      

4. Ryu

The poster boy of street fighter and a great-articulated figure. His range of facial expressions is great and his gi is nicely detailed. Couple things I’ve noticed is one the top of the gi has a nice texture applied to it and feels nice while the lower part for some reason isn’t is just plain with no texture and feels very smooth. In fact, even more stranger is the lower part of the gi has shading while the top as next to none at all. You could also make the argument that compared to his street fighter 4 or 5 look, which I guess is one of the looks they are going for he’s not bulky in fact he is pretty slim looking.      

3. Chun Li

The first female in street fighter and one of the better figures in the line. I’ve gone back and fourth with this but Chun Li easily has the best articulation of all the females and males I feel. She is a very flexible figure and can pull of many of her trademark poses with ease. Unlike some of the other females in this line, she can move her leg forward without it going off at an angle, but on top of that you can still twist that upper joint in the thigh to achieve that same angle look similar to the other female characters. Chun Li is light on accessories, but comes with a nice lightning kick effect. Chun Li also suffers the some problem as the other females on this list and that’s the fact that there isn’t enough variety in the three facial expressions given.  

2. Ken

Yes yes I know the second shoto on this list and he is pretty much identical to Ryu, however I feel ken is so much better looking character. Ken looks a lot more like his street fighter 4 incarnation. Compared to Ryu who doesn’t fully look like his street fighter 5 or 4 incarnation to be honest. Ken also has shading on both parts of his gi, which Ryu was missing on his top half. Ill round this up by saying that I prefer the look of ken as a figure far more then Ryu so he earns a higher spot on this list. I also like the fact that Ken comes with a flame effect for his shoryuken.    

  1. Akuma

Yeah I know what you’re thinking we just had Ken and Ryu at the beginning, but here’s the thing Akuma is better than both those figures put together. Akuma is more bulky than the other two and always looks like he could kill anyone no matter what pose he is in. Taking a look at the different facial expressions each looks fantastic and it was great posing Akuma in different ways when creating this post. Akuma is hands down my favorite figure in the line so far. He just looks so menacing, is very well articulated and is one of the better looking Akumas I have gotten in my collection.    

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