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The Play Arts Kai Ninja Cyborg is a figure I have had in my collection since 2012 and I still think it is one of the most awesome figures in this line today. I originally talked about this figure back on my old blog, so I thought I’d revisit the figure and see I how I still feel about now in 2019. Back in 2012, I gave Square Enix Play arts line high praise as it was the only high quality figure line I knew of at the time, despite some of the common problems this figure line have from time to time. However, since then I have discovered other toys lines such as S.H Figuarts and Figma and they all set new standards since 2012.  

Grey Fox “Cyborg Ninja”

Cyborg Ninja AKA “Grey Fox or Frank Jaeger” was originally introduced in the PS1 game Metal Gear Solid. Fox was the only Fox-Hound operative to ever be given the codename Fox because of his skill in the battlefield. Even today level of detail on this figure is insane the little details such as the finely printed writing around the amour is such a great touch and not to mention game accurate. Don’t think that I have many figures in my collection with this level of detail. Those details I never really took too much notice of much back when I first purchased this figure. Even today I’m still a sucker for characters dressed in amour, where masks or are in some kind of mecha suit that makes them so cool compared to all the regular guys. Grey Fox is coated in metallic paint, which still looks impressive. Overall the paint job on this figure is very well done.

Back in 2012, I found the articulation to be impressive and what I come to expect form play arts kai at the time. Looking back at the figure now the upper torso joint I find to be a bit of a downer as it can’t go forward or back much, furthermore it doesn’t turn left or right much either. The figure is also missing a waist swivel joint of some kind like on S.H Figuarts figures. This something I feel defiantly could improve the figure when it comes to posing it. As it is I found the figure to be limited or at least hard to pull off the more flexible ninja like poses. About this the figure still as a great level of articulation detail even for today. In terms of accessories, this figure doesn’t come with much. We have the trademark sword, arm gun and one right interchangeable hand. I still feel they should have included an alternative head with open visor with this figure that would have been a nice touch.

In terms of size Play Arts Kai figures aren’t small and sizes very. Ninja Cyborg is around 10 inches so if you are a fan of larger scale figures then this one is for you (if you can even find this guy anymore). As for me apart from the transformers line of figures that range in size, which for that line makes sense all my other figure lines I collect are around the 5 to 6 inch scale. Therefore, the Kai line doesn’t really suit when next to the rest of my collection. That’s not a negative against the figure I just prefer smaller scale figures unless the character the figures is based on is meant to be larger.

In summary it still a great looking figure only hindered by lack of articulation in the torso and waist sections, which most figures of today have. Trying to find this figure today would probably cost you an arm and a leg to get. I pretty much don’t collect the play arts line or even the supposedly cheaper bring arts line. Mainly due to bad batches of figures which I found to be very common with this line. However when I as collecting I was very happy with this figure and glad to still have it in my collection today, furthermore glad I didn’t receive and botched figure.

My thoughts aren’t too much different from originally look at this figure if you would like to see it here is the link to it. You can also check out the gallery for extra images.                 

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