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Neca Power Arm Terminator

If there was ever a figure from my childhood that I didn’t expect to see updated for current times it has to be the power arm terminator.

During my childhood, the power arm terminator was one of my favourite toys. It had interchangeable arms one of which was the normal arm that had a spike coming from its fist (Kind of like wolverine claws, but just a single spike). Now Neca has come out with an updated version that pays homage to that original toy.

Neca figures side by side.

The Power arm terminator from head to toe is fantastically detailed. The head sculpt is of battle damaged terminator just like in the film with part of the face revealing the metal that is underneath the skin. Furthermore is a very good likeness to Arnold Schwarzenegger as the terminator. I love the soft rubbery jacket as it doesn’t hinder the figure at all and it can be easily removed. A lot figures that I have come across tend to get this wrong with a tougher plastic coat or jacket that is not very flexible and/or is hard to remove. The jacket has a lot little details such as the bullet holes on the back and some on the front.

The left normal arm can be swapped out of the bigger power arm, which is the main feature gimmick of this figure. The power arm itself is very nicely detailed and has some great paint work on it. At the end of the arm, you can swap in and out the spike or the claw giving the power arm two different uses. With the original toy, you had three different interchangeable arms, a battle damaged arm with a spike that could be pushed out, a claw arm and of course the power arm.


In terms of articulation obviously the figure is a leap above the original toy, but is also not going wow you with lots of articulation points. The figure has all the articulation it needs considering the character it is based on. The head is capable of moving left to right and up and down. The arms can be moved outwards and rotate in a 360 motion. There is a waist swivel, knee joints and the foot has a decent level of ankle articulation.   

Overall I am impressed with the power arm terminate and it is a great homage to the original toy. The figure greatly detailed and most importantly, it is a figure that does not break the bank. This figure is price pretty much the same as marvel legend figure. The power arm terminator is another figure from Neca that I am proud to have in my toy collection. See more images in the gallery.

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