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From the collection Marvel Legends: Gambit

Looking to add to that X-men Marvel Legends collection, you have been building? Well one the latest releases and most requested characters in the Marvel Legends by Hasbro, Gambit is a solid figure and worthy addition to anyone’s collection.

I’ve always found Gambit to be one the cooler characters in the X-MEN that I’ve been waiting to add to my Marvel Legends collection. I mean who wouldn’t want or like a character that throws kinetic charged playing cards as explosive projectiles. Lets start off with getting some of the questionable stuff out of the why first. So yes, this is the same coat that has been used on many past Marvel Legend figures. It is an overused coat and apart from a colour difference, the coat is exactly the same. Therefore, those of you hoping for a removable coat like the old toy biz or some kind of articulated one are going to be a little disappointed. Another negative the elbow joint is only a single one, even though and double joint elbow mold does exist. However, despite that the coat works for Gambit it’s a part of his trademark look. When I think of Gambit, I always remembered the coat that Gambit wore.

The look and the articulation on the rest of the figure more than makes up for the lack of a more articulated and/or removable coat.  I’m not that best at posing and balancing figures but you can get this guy into some amazing poses. The level of articulation is pretty decent for a Marvel Legends figure. Starting from the bottom Gambit has, ankle tilts that move it side to side and forward and backwards. Upper part of the boots at the calves can twist full 360 motion, double knee joints, upper thigh swivel, waist twist, ab crunch,  arm can move full 360 and move outwards, upper arm swivel, single elbow joints, hands can twist and the left card holding hand also has a hinge to move forwards and back. Lastly, the head can rotate full 360 and tilt up and down.  

Kinetic charged Accesories – Toybiz on the left, Hasbro middle and the last two from Marvel Select line Gambit.
Single kinetic charged card.

Accessories there is not much with Gambit his trademark bo staff kinetic charged card (with no card details) and one card throwing hand with the kinetic effect connected to the hands. For some reason Hasbro has neglected to and in the playing card details to both Kinect effects, something the both the old Toybiz and Marvel select versions did just fine. This is a shame as Gambit is known for throwing cards but all we get instead is plain pink kinetic effects.

Gambits from left to right – Toybiz Marvel Legends, Hasbro Marvel Legends, and Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select.

In comparison to some of the other Gambit releases from the past I really like the Hasbro Marvel Legends figure better. It has a really good level of articulation and some lovely detailing on the figure such as the head sculpt and some nice metallic paint applied to the figure. There is also a YouTube video to accompany this review, which focuses more on comparing Gambit to some other versions released prior to this one. Once it’s finished ill post the link in this article.

Overall, this is another great release from Hasbro and cannot wait to add this figure to my newly displayed Marvel Legends display. The figure looks great well-articulated and captures the look of Gambit very well. The reused coat may put off some people from the Hasbro release, as Hasbro has neglected to try anything different like other Gambit figures that have been released over the years.     

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