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Marvel legends 80 years hulk

Marvel Legends 80 years Hulk is part of a 2-pack with Wolverine but I will be concentrating on the Hulk as that’s the main star of this pack. Not that the wolverine figure is bad or anything, but the Hulk in this two pack far out shines it.

Where do I start, how about this is one of the best cartoon/comic based Marvel Legends Hulk figures released to date. There have been many Hulk figures and I only have one other Marvel Legends Hulk in my collection and that was from the avengers 5-pack. Now that figure wasn’t a bad figure and personally it was the Hulk figure I was looking for at that time. It was a great comic/carton based Hulk design from Hasbro and didn’t look like an outdated Toybiz figure. However I have to say this new 80 years Hulk blows that one out of the water. This Hulk has a more classic face and overall design based on the old comics and cartoons, which isn’t a bad thing. This Hulk is an absolute monster as he should be. The figure is also huge, think Juggernaut size but slightly taller and bulkier. This Hulk is more light green in colour with classic purple ripped trousers. The Hulk sports a nicely sculpted angry face, which fits the Hulk very well.

The Hulk in this two pack doesn’t come with much in terms of accessories. Extra hands both open and fisted, and part of a ripped shirt which is a nice touch. Unfortunately no alternative faces, but the Hulk is always angry right? Let’s face it this is the Hulk what else do you need him to come with? In terms of articulation there isn’t anything you wouldn’t have seen before on other marvel legends. However saying that there are a few articulation choices that work very nicely for the Hulk and ones that I haven’t seen myself before on any comic based Marvel Legends Hulk figures prior to this one. The Hulk sports a nice diaphragm joint that moves backwards, forwards, side to side and rotates a little. The Hulk also sports a butterfly joint that allows you to move the arms back but not bring them forward as there is no cut on the chest to do so. This does seem like an odd choice to do that but that’s how it is. Hulk also has single elbow joints, wrists, double knee joints, ankle joints, and the head can rotate, move up and down slightly but not too much.

I had a blast messing around with this Hulk, the articulation while not perfect it does allow for some great action poses for the more creative among you. I love the comic based look that Hasbro has recreated here. The 80 years Hulk is defiantly going to be added to the collection shelf next to the rest of my Marvel Legends figures. I knew when I saw this Hulk that I would be happy and for the price point he also comes packed with the wolverine, which is another great addition. There is another version of Hulk that comes with the same level of articulation and has a different Hulk design for the skin tone and face sculpt. However that one at the moment doesn’t seem worth it to me cause you only get Hulk for the same price as this 80 years 2-pack currently. I do hope to also get that version also one day but for now I’m happy with this stunning version of Hulk.

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