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Once again I guess this is where I kick off my first ever blog post on my new blogger site. I previously was using blogger to blog but for 2019, I thought I would take it one-step further and make my own blogging website. Still working out the kinks but I hope to get things to the why I like them. Starting with this template layout still going back and forth on the idea of using this gallery or the Hitchcock template.

Anyway, I guess I will kick off with a little bit about myself. Well there are three things like most gaming, anime/cartoons and action figures. Starting with gaming, I love a wide range of genres from RPGs, racing, fighting, first person shooters and more. I do not stick to one console either I love all my consoles equally. There are so many great games out there why limit myself to just one system to play on. Of course, my backlog is massive who knows whether I will get through all of them. I also tend to dip into older console generation games from time to time; it is amazing how gaming has changed over the years.


Next up anime and cartoons, which has taken a bit of dip lately, but my love for anime, has not stopped. From classics like Full Metal Alchemist, S-cry-ed, Escaflowne and Teknoman just to name a few. The last two being the first two anime I ever watched on TV back when FOX Kids first televised and was actually decent to watch. All the way to 2019 with One Punch Man and older anime which are either still going like One Piece, Naruto to anime like Dragon Ball, which has had a resurgence with Dragon Ball Super. I also love cartoons mostly those based on DC and marvel but not solely limited to those franchises.

Akuma ready for battle

Lastly, my toy collection or action figure collection which ever you prefer. I have been collecting toys since I was in secondary school and have not stopped since. To be honest I do not think I ever will just like gaming and anime things just seem to get better year after year for the most part. Action figures have come along and so has my collection ever growing ever changing. I do not collect statues only articulated figures. From Mattel elites to S.H Figuarts if it’s based on a franchise that I like and the figure is cool it has to be in my collection.

So onto this blog site well its mine for starts and I plan to post something at least once a week. Even though the site is called the toy collection there might be some posts on anime and gaming. I also plan to link this site to my YouTube channel. Every blog post will be based on something from my collection that I have purchased myself. You can call it reviewing if you want but I do not plan to grade anything if I love it I love and if I hate it well I probably won’t even bother purchasing it. Not to mention I love posing figures and taken photos so there will be a lot photos to see here. You could also say I plans to use this site to grow my own skills in photography, photo editing and video making.       

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